October 2, 2008

Who says that a 3 year can't be a fashion plate!

Well, I had to share these photos of Gracen today. She has recently become interested in dressing up. Not dressing up in her pretty princess gowns like all other 3 year olds, but in outfits by "color." One day it is all red or all blue, but today it was purple. I was downstairs doing my morning "Mommy" duties and when I heard all of bumping coming from upstairs, I yelled upstairs to ask Gracen what she was doing. Of course I got the response "Nothing Mommy" which is a clear indication that she is doing something she not suppose to be doing. When I asked her to come downstairs she "sure Mommy, I need to put my feathers on." Well, this is what she had been "up to." 'Keep in mind, most of what she is wearing are things I had packed up in the closet!


kacerah said...

She is too cute. We miss our little Miss Gracen! Can't wait to see her!!

Shalina said...

A little diva in the making. I love it!

amy said...

I love how the different shades of purple coordinate but aren't all "matchy-matchy"!!!!
Sparkles, feathers, and my favorite...cupcakes!