Holly & Merry

Bye Bye Holly and Merry...
We had a great time with you and can't wait until next year!  Have fun at the North Pole.

Day 24- It was the day for Holly and Merry to go back to the North Pole.  When Gracen woke up, they had left her two special presents, an elf Pandora bead and the Fairies Pixie Power set that she had been asking for.  They always know what to bring Gracen. 

Day 23- Target TRIP!!! Holly, Merry, Nick, Nicole, and Buddy all took a trip to Target in Gracen's pink car.  They found my shopping list and decided that they would do my shopping for me.  Unfortunately, they didn't get anything on my list!

They wanted to buy the kids a special gift, but they didn't know exactly what to buy, so they got them a gift card. It was so cute it has elves all over it and they even recorded a sweet message.

I guess buddy was the only one who knew how to drive.

LOVE the wrapping job!

They drop popcorn like I do!

Elves list:
miniture lights (little ones), candy canes (minis), candy corn (just a few), maple syrup (tons!), bubble gum, tums (cherry flavored), and a gift for Gracen.

They had popcorn and had finished off an Icee.  They even had 5 straws!

Look!  Look! Momma!

Day 22-Holly and Merry left a note and a trail of goodies for Gracen.  They had made a maze of ribbon and prizes for her to find.  It was so exciting when we woke up.  As you can see, she didn't even have time to brush her hair before going downstairs. hee hee

Day 21-Holly and Merry slept in Gracen's backpack because they wanted to go to school with her and I guess they were afaid they might get left at home.  They even had candy canes for her class.

Day 20-Holly and Merry made a little road trip overnight.  They drove all the way to Savannah in Barbie's Car to see Jamie.  They took Frosty with them and had Jamie record a special book for Gracen.  Jamie said that they woke him up at 3am!

Day 19-Merry and Holly had a cookies and cocoa tea party.  They ate cookies and drank ALL of the cocoa.  They did bring a cocoa recipe from Mrs. Claus so that we could make some more mix. They are so thoughtful.

Day 18- Merry and Holly got into all the Barbie stuff last night.  It looks like they tried on clothes, had some brownies, and drove the motor home.  They even left Barbie some new clothes.

Day 17- Playing in the ball pit all night!

Day 16- They elves used Wendy's camera to make a some pictures last night.  They are pretty good photographers, but now my battery is dead.

Day 15-Holly and Merry had a taste for roasted marshmallows last night.  They used a tiny candle and toothpicks to roast the marshmallows.

 Day 14-The elves went bungee jumping last night!

Day 13-Gracen was really upset that we were out of town when it snowed at our house and the elves were missing the North Pole snow, so they made Gracen some magic snow to play with. 

Day 12-The elves shot some Christmas hoops last night before going to bed.

Day 11-Holly wrapped all of our presents last night!  She also made a huge mess and got stuck to the tape.

Day 11-Merry left Gracen a special gift last night.  She brought her a recipe box from Mrs. Claus' kitchen.  She left all the goodies and recipe for two of her favorite cookies, peppermint sugar cookies and peppermint brownies.  She said that Mrs. Claus would send some of her favorite recipes and we could add our family favorites to this new recipe box for Gracen.  We were so excited to get cooking.

Day 10-Introducing the Snow Man Band!  Holly and Merry love Christmas music and they also love snowmen. So, they spent all night listening to this wonderful band.  They rocked out all night!

Day 9-The elves got a little carried away in Papa's cowboy room.  They found all the old pop guns and had an old fashioned gun fight.  They even got the Fisher Price western town to be spectators.

Day 8-Last night they drew out a plan to make a popcorn garland for the birds and squirrels at Bibi and Papa's house.  They had so many woodland creatures in Georgia.

Day 7-These silly, crazy elves packed our bags and changed our flight time to go see Bibi and Papa!  When we woke up, we had to hurry and get ready, so that we wouldn't miss our flight to Atlanta.

Day 6-Holly and Merry had a sleepover with Nicci, Anna's elf, last night.  They got the finger nail polish out, ate pizza, and played with the lip gloss.  It was a typical girly sleep over.  I guess they forgot their sleepbags because they used out stockings!

Day 5-Oh my, those elves found Tink and all the other pixies from Pixie Hollow and had a PIXIE party last night.  It looked like Holly had too many pixi stixs, but it also looked liked they had a great time.  Thank goodness Queen Clarion was there to keep things under control.

Day 4-The elves love sparkly things and so last night they made bejeweld bracelets for Gracen.  They were so cute and Gracen couldn't wait to make some of her own.

Day 3-Midnight Movie Marathon!  They watched all three Santa Claus movies.

Day 2-Moonlight Marshmallows bath! They even left Gracen a new night light!


Gracen with the pictures of the last two years.  We are so glad they are here!