October 31, 2008

Hey, let's go Trick or Treating

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October 30, 2008

Finally...Pumpkin carving time!!!

After two nights of promising to carve pumpkins, we finally started at 8 o'clock tonight. Almost 2 hours later, we had 3 carved pumpkins and one happy little girl. Before we started, Gracen pondered over all the designs and decided she wanted a happy face pumpkin and a happy spider. You really can't tell from the pictures, but that darn spider has a smile. I worked hard to make him happy =) This year she loved the ooey gooey part and insisted we carve the itty bitty pumpkin. All Jamie could get carved on the little pumpkin was two eyes! It is darling...along with all the other pumpkins. This has to be my favorite Halloween tradition. Can't wait until next year!

Daddy, Mommy, and Gracen pumpkins!

Yes that is a smile!

October 29, 2008

A stroll down costume lane...

If you know me, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. The only other person who loves it more than me is my daughter. She is soooo excited and can't wait to get all dressed up to go trick-or-treating! Only 3 days to go....





October 28, 2008

Remember Adoption DAY!!!!

October 28, 2005
I don't think anyone in our family will ever forget this day. It was the day that we went to court to finalize Gracen's adoption. That morning we got all dressed up to go to the Muscogee County Courthouse for our hearing. It was such a happy day. Gracen woke up in an especially happy mood. I guess she was getting that vibe from all of us of how excited we were. Judge Allen was so sweet and came down from the bench to complete the papers and have his picture made with Gracen. This was one happy day for us. =) I will NEVER forget this morning.

October 27, 2008

It's Pumpkin Carving time!

It's pumpkin carving time again... The ooey gooey stringy mess and the smell of pumpkins. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well we loved it here at our house. From the very first time Gracen had a real pumpkin to carve, she loved all the seeds and slimy stuff that came out of these pumpkins. It is definitely something we look forward to every year.
October 2005
I cheated. We didn't do a real pumpkin. She loved chewing on this one too much.

October 2006

Our first real pumpkin carving experience.

October 2007

A Ghostie and a Witch!

We were suppose to carve pumpkins tonight, but ran out of time... I will post them tomorrow night for everyone to see. Can you guess what we are doing this year? Leave a comment with you guess and see if you are correct...