June 23, 2009

Questions everyday!

If you have ever been around a 4 yr old, you know that it is about the age that all the questions really start. Gracen has always been inquisitive, but now it is like hyper drive. I swore I would never just make up something off the wall if I didn't know the answers, but never say never. Sometimes that is the only way from answering 40 questions in 5 minutes! Whew! When I give her one of those "off the wall" answers, it takes her about 2 minutes to process what I have said and then she says "Momma, are you kidding? or "No way!"

Yesterday, Gracen was in the question asking mode and it didn't stop all day. I wish now I would have written down all of the questions, because she had some really cute ones like "Momma, why does the rooster say cook-a-doodle poo?" and "Momma, why do you close you eyes when I talk?" and "Momma, why can't we have whipped cream for breakfast?"
and "Momma, why are you looking at me so weird?"

There was one question however, that really started an interesting conversation between us. Her original question was "Momma, do cows pee pee milk?" and I thought wow that is a great question. Where did she come up with that one? I answered with a no, and I told her that just like us they only pee pee pee pee. Well, that was OK for a little while and then she proceeded to tell me that she saw a cow pee pee milk on Sesame Street. As I quickly thought through how to explain this in an age appropriate way, she said "that's OK Momma, you can't know everything" and I left the conversation with "yes,that is exactly right." =)

This morning, the cow and milk conversation presented itself again. Before I answered her, I flashed back to the conversation I had had with Jamie the night before as I told him this story. His first response was "Well, did you tell her it came from the teat?" and of course my response was "No, I didn't!" I really didn't want to explain this whole process to her because I was not really ready for the 40 questions to follow.

Well, I did go with Jamie's "teat" version and to my surprise her response was "Ohhhh, and that is why we buy our milk from the Teeter, right Momma?"

FYI... The "Teeter" is a little nickname we have given the Harris Teeter, our local grocery store.

Go Milk!!!

I love this!!!!

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June 17, 2009

Birthday with the family

On Saturday, we were able to celebrate again! We had a cookout at home and Gracen opened her presents from her grandparents.

YES... there are two bikes in the picture.

June 16, 2009

Gracen's Birthday Party

We had a great time on Friday at Gracen's party at the club. All of the kids had a great time and most of all the birthday girl had a blast.

Happy 4th Birthday Gracen

June 15, 2009

It's all about the Cake...

We all know that birthdays are for celebrating the accomplishments that someone has made in a year. But if you know our family, you know that is also about the cake. Especially if it is a Maxie B's cake!
This year when we went to order Gracen's cake, she sat down with the lady from Maxie B's and told her exactly what she wanted. She was such a big girl and the cake turned out great. Delicious and beautiful as usual.

Just remember... It is all about the CAKE!

Gracen turns 4!

Waking up a four year old!

Presents from Mommy and Daddy!

The official birthday breakfast... Cheese toast with candles of course!

Blowing out the candles

excited about opening "the big one"

"It's Cinderella's castle!!! Just what I always wanted!"

Our big four year old! What a big girl =)