November 7, 2010

Spider Pumpkins...

Every year we make some type of Halloween craft.  This year we opted for a cute painted spider pumpkin.   The girls loved painting the pumpkins and they turned out so cute.

My Sweet Lil Pumpkin...

I love these pictures I took of Gracen when we went to "the patch" this year.  She looks forward to this for weeks and has a great time checking out all the pumpkins.  When she was little I could barely get her to look at the camera.  Well, my how things have changed!  She has her pose and smile ready at all times now and I must say it is one beautiful smile to me. 

I can't believe how much she has changed!

I went back today through all the Halloween pictures and couldn't believe how Gracen has changed.  So, I put all of them together and wanted to share them with you guys.

Carving Jack...

We had fun carving our friendly Jack this year.  I believe Gracen enjoys the goo the most. What do you think?

What a cute bat!

It has been a while and as you know we have been crazy busy and all mixed up around here.  We did take some time last week to enjoy Halloween, our favorite holiday.  Gracen and I spent the week before Halloween at Disney for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and we got home just in time to go Trick or Treating on Sunday.  So, here are a few shots from our spooky night.  Hope you all had a SPOOKTACULAR weekend!

 Gracen was very concerned that everyone would think she was a boy bat instead of a girl bat, so we added a bow to make sure that no one would get confused. =)