March 20, 2010

How can she almost be 5!!!!

As I watch this video it shocks me that in about 3 months she will be 5 years old! So many mornings we sat at this little table and made little balls or cut little pieces with Play Doh. It is one of my favorite memories! She didn't really like to sing much, so catching her on video was a rare treat. I think she realized it half way through this song that I was doing a video...

Twinkle Twinkle

wendy | MySpace Video

March 19, 2010

Love our little Ansley...

I am getting all of my videos off the myspace account that I haven't used in over 2 years and I thought I would share a couple of my favorites... This video was just after Ansley was born and we went down to see her in J'ville. I can't believe how much all of these little girls have changed. Gracen still says tickle tickle baby to all her baby dolls.

Girls tickle

wendy MySpace Video

March 18, 2010

KK... M a U P....Get it? Well watch the video! =)

This is one of my favorite movies... She had just turned 3 and really liked seeing herself on the computer. Well, who am I kidding... She still does! I love how she says kk instead of jk and m a u p. We love our KK!!!
abc video

wendy MySpace Video

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lucky the Leprechaun made his appearance this morning! We found a note beside the bed when we woke us this morning! He left a trail of gold coins leading to prizes and a little bit of a mess in Gracen's bathroom! She was so excited to see that he had picked out her clothes for today. All green of course! He did get into a little mischief and dumped out all of her bows. He decorated her bathroom and wrote her name on little green Post Its and put them on her mirror. The biggest surprise was when we went downstairs to get milk. Guess what? He made our milk GREEN!!!! I have no idea how we didn't hear him! He is SOOOO sneaky!

See you next year Lucky....

March 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Ansley!

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March 3, 2010

We still had Wacky Wednesday!

As you know, we have had our fair share of snow this year. Well, yesterday it snowed AGAIN! Even though it was only a little bit on snow, we woke up to the wonderful announcement that there would be NO school today. Normally you would hear squeals of glee at the fact that we could spend an entire day just playing, but that is not the response I got today from my daughter. It was apparently the end of the world. The Guilford County School District did not know that it was Wacky Wednesday at preschool! They did not know that it was Gracen's snack week in which we had planned all letter "W" snacks to go along with the letter of the week! They did not know that it was show and tell day and Gracen was planning on taking me (Wendy) because my name started with a "W!" How could they cancel school today? She was so upset! Upset until the phone rang and the sweet little voice of Austin was on the other end. Her whole attitude changed when he asked her to come over to play. What a blessing! Anyway, we still had WACKY Wednesday even though it was a snow day!

I love these pictures because my daughter is trying to strike a pose. In her on little way!

March 2, 2010

Gracen In the Snow Video by wendy - MySpace Video##

I found this video of Gracen in the snow for the first time. I love this so much... However, we are all feeling like this about the snow this year at our house!

Gracen In the Snow

wendy | MySpace Video

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Gracen In the Snow Video by wendy - MySpace Video##