October 1, 2009

First Homework Assignment... Our Family Flag

Our first official homework assignment was due yesterday, and I thought I would share. When I looked at it last Friday, I thought "Oh, this won't take long and it will be fun to do as a family." So, we all gathered at the table to brainstorm ideas about what our family liked and what we would put on the flag. All was well at first, Gracen drew a picture of us at the beach playing in the water, she wrote our name in pencil then traced it with a pink marker, drew a picture of what our pumpkin will look like in a couple of weeks when we carve it, and colored all of our favorite foods. I printed some of the pictures from our favorite events this year, our Disney trip and her 4th birthday. We also had to include our pet, Edie La La Treebranch and our favorite bunny. After only a couple of meltdowns and a little bit longer than anticipated, we were finished and very proud of our Family Flag.

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