March 27, 2009

Introducing Edie La La Treebranch...

Here she is...

Yes, I said Edie LaLa Treebranch!
Meet our new pet hamster. This is Gracen's first pet and she is totally excited and loving Edie LaLa Treebranch. When Gracen gave her the name I thought it might only last a couple of days and we would end up calling it Hammy or something, but no... The name STUCK!!! It is kind of funny. How many hamsters have full names like this?
Gracen and Edie in her princess castle. Edie loves her tower.
Getting a little exercise!
Glitter ball and princess carriage! Yes... a carriage. It is too cute!

There she goes... off like a true hamster princess!

March 26, 2009

Shalina took new some new pictures of Gracen...

Shalina took our annual bunny pictures on Sunday along with our Easter pictures. We were also lucky enough to visit some beautiful Cherry Blossom trees this week and got wonderful pictures.

SHE did a great job. I am so happy and wanted to share these beautiful pictures.

Thanks Shalina... YOU did good Girl!!!

March 25, 2009

Little Ansley Claw Buckner...

I love these pictures of little "Ansley Claw Buckner" HAAA... Gracen couldn't remember Bittner this past week so Ansley became a Buckner. Bless her heart when she was born Sarah would say Ansley Claw instead of Ansley Claire. So, we had a good time with Ansley Claw Buckner.

Can I just say... CUTE AS A BUTTON!

March 24, 2009

Friends, Friends, Friends....

Last week Kasey brought the girls for a visit. We had a BLAST!!! I took some of the cutest pictures of Gracen and Sarah during the visit and just had to share. They really had a great time together.

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Lucky the Leprechaun made another visit this year and left some goodies. He also left a shamrock trail to the "gold!" I guess we almost caught him, because there were chairs knocked over on the way out the door! Maybe next year...


March 14, 2009

And the penny appears....

Do you really think that I would retrieve, clean, and then let my child hold a penny that had been through the journey of "Gracen" I don't think so...

Today she brought me a penny and it was too cute. She told me to keep it so no one would swallow it accidentally. I had to take a picture of her sweet little face.
I will never look at a penny in the same way!

March 13, 2009

Little Cowgirl!

I guess all little boys at one time or another want to be a real cowboy. Well, my Dad as a "big boy" is still playing cowboy and now has Gracen looking like a real cowgirl!

Howdy Partner...

March 12, 2009

A penny in a place where it doesn't belong!

Gracen has never been a child to put things in her mouth, which is why I am in disbelief as I am typing this. Flashback to this morning...

Gracen was playing in the living room with her ponies doing all the voices for each as she normally does and all of a sudden I hear a loud shriek and then she came running into kitchen.

Gracen: "Mommy, I swallowed a PENNY!"
Me: "WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When?"

Gracen: "I am very sorry I swallowed a penny"
Me: (freaking out in the worst kind of way) "It is OK baby, take a deep breath for Mommy"

Gracen: "Am I going to have to get a shot?"
Me: (Frantically dialing the pediatrician) " No, I don't think so?"

Gracen: (Crying LOUDLY) "How are they going to get it out?)
Me: (Waiting on hold, searching the Internet for "penny swallowing") "Well, I think it will come out when you go to the bathroom"

Gracen:(Crying louder now) " What?!!! In my poopie?"
Me: (Waiting on hold, searching the Internet for "penny swallowing" now with regret that I told her) " Yes, Sweetie it will be OK."

Gracen: (still crying) " I don't want it to come out there!"
Me: (Thinking...I will be the one to have to look for it) "No, me either"

Gracen: (screaming at this point) "No, Mommy it just can't!!!"
Me: (Finally on the phone with the doctor) "It is going to be OK!"

Gracen: "Mommy, I don't want to tell my friends!" (crying louder now)
Me: "OK, it will be our secret"

Gracen: "MOMMY!! You can't tell the doctor if it is our secret!"
Me: (thinking, I have had no bath today and I am about to have to go to the ER!) "Well, we have to tell the doctor" "She won't tell your friends"

Gracen: "MOMMMMMMY!!" (crying even louder if possible)
Me: (relieved that I don't have to got to the ER and that Gracen is going to be fine, but disgusted that I will have to WATCH for the penny!) "You are going to be fine!"

I will let you know how it all comes out! Just kidding... I will spare you that.

Lesson of the day: Don't put your pennies in a place where they don't belong!

March 4, 2009

No, it is not football season yet...

You would think on first glance of these pictures that we are getting ready for football season. Well, we are not. It is circus day at Gracen's school and guess what character she wanted to be...An ELEPHANT! Anyone surprised?? We remembered yesterday after lunch and got busy making us a elephant. She has been practicing her elephant sounds all morning. Too CUTE!