September 20, 2010

Barbie fact or fiction?

Last Christmas Gracen asked for her first Barbie along with the Glamour Camper. Jamie kept teasing me about me wanting it instead of her. I will have to admit that when she was making her list she did get a little gentle persuasion from me. I really do mean gentle. Anyway, for months and months after Christmas Jamie never saw her play with any of her Barbie stuff and as you can predict I got teased about me playing with them more than her. Well, the truth is that she does play with it while he wasn't at home because as you can see by the picture it was quite an big deal to get it all cleaned up. I never remembered while she was playing to get the camera out and get some evidence of her true love for Barbie until recently. Just for the record, she does love her Barbie just as much as me. Well, let's be honest. I probably do love her more.

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