September 23, 2010

Good morning tooth fairy...

Just wanted to share the pictures of what the tooth fairy brought this morning for Gracen's first tooth. Wow, I don't think that the tooth fairy has been effected by the recession yet. The tooth business must be a good one.

Also, I wanted to show you an adorable picture that Anna drew for Gracen yesterday after the big event. It was so sweet of her and the details are amazing. She even drew the little canisters that sit on Gracen bathroom vanity and her pink toothbrush. My favorite part is the tooth with pigtails. That is so Gracen! You will have to click on that picture to see it better. The bottom corner is a drawing of Gracen looking in the mirror in her bathroom. Thanks Anna, you are so talented and smart!

the front of Anna's card... love the missing tooth and the bow!

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