October 30, 2009

I can't resist candy corn

Yesterday we got together with Anna, Kevin and Shalina to make our annual Halloween cookies. We decided to try something new and make candy corn cookies! It was so a little challenging, but overall they turned out pretty good. BIG... but good. If you are wondering, the answer is "yes" we chose to make them because the girls had candy corn dresses. You have to take advantage of a good photo op.

Ready with our dough!

Rolling them out with flour of course! Look closer and you can see the flour on G's nose!

Aren't they cute and BIG? They grew unexpectedly!

Proud of our cookies!


Anna and Gracen in their matching candy corn dresses!

G's Halloween Costume Parade...

Here are a few pictures of Gracen from the costume parade at school yesterday. She is going to be a Devil on Halloween, so we picked Snow White for the parade. She is such a cute Snow White! I just love it! I have also included a picture from our visit to Disney at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Enjoy!

October 29, 2009

A visit to the pumpkin patch!

We had a blast at the pumpkin patch and thought you might want to see some of the cute pictures.

October 3, 2009

Edie and the Hamster Ball Derby...

About 2 weeks ago, we got an invitation in the mail for Edie from Petco. She had been invited to participate in the Annual Hamster Ball Derby. I have never seen one of these and we thought it would be a great Saturday afternoon activity. A couple of days ago, Jamie and Gracen got Edie out and did a little bit of "training" to get ready. Well today, we gathered Edie La La Treebranch, her ball, and some treats and headed to Petco. After getting registered, Edie got to participate in a practice race and she did OK. In the preliminary round she was in heat 2 against hamsters Oreo and Rover. When the race began Gracen and I both did our best to get Edie to the finished line and before we knew it she had crossed the finished line in 1st place. I couldn't believe it especially since some of these people had actually PRACTICED for weeks! We were so excited that she won. We waited for heat 3 to finish and got ready for the Semifinalist round. We got Edie all set up to race again Fuzzy, Blackberry, and Oreo and when they said go we were at it again... Edie was just a running and before we knew the race was over and she had WON again. Gracen was so excited and so were we! We made it to the final race! When it was time for the final round, we got her all ready to race Ollie and Fuzzy and when the race started she just sat there. Gracen and I are yelling and calling her name and she just sat there. All of them just sat there until all of a sudden the smallest little hamster, Ollie, just took off. OMG... he flew to the finish line and won the race. As soon as Gracen realized that Edie didn't win, she lost it. She was so heartbroken and told me that those other two boys had just frustrated her. She didn't even realized that Edie had won 3rd place until I told her she got a prize and ribbon. She felt better, but was still upset about losing until it was time to go shopping for Edie. What a fun time and such a great idea. We are so very proud of our Edie La La Treebranch.

Before the race.... getting ready!

Go Edie Go!

She WON!!! Ready for the next race. GO....

Race Brackets... TOO funny!

Winning ribbon

Our cute little Edie... Ready to go shopping!

October 1, 2009

First Homework Assignment... Our Family Flag

Our first official homework assignment was due yesterday, and I thought I would share. When I looked at it last Friday, I thought "Oh, this won't take long and it will be fun to do as a family." So, we all gathered at the table to brainstorm ideas about what our family liked and what we would put on the flag. All was well at first, Gracen drew a picture of us at the beach playing in the water, she wrote our name in pencil then traced it with a pink marker, drew a picture of what our pumpkin will look like in a couple of weeks when we carve it, and colored all of our favorite foods. I printed some of the pictures from our favorite events this year, our Disney trip and her 4th birthday. We also had to include our pet, Edie La La Treebranch and our favorite bunny. After only a couple of meltdowns and a little bit longer than anticipated, we were finished and very proud of our Family Flag.

Hello October...

Well, I have not been very good at keeping my blog up to date. Primarily it is because I have been SUPER DUPER busy for the past 5 months. Trying to keep a 4 yr old entertained along with trying to get a business off the ground has been quite challenging and time consuming. I can't believe the summer has gone and it is October. I hate that it has passed so quickly, but I am so excited that things are beginning to slow down just a little bit and that we can now get ready for our favorite holiday, Halloween!