January 22, 2009

My new getaway!

I am sooooo excited about my new room!

Well, I am not really getting away, but I feel like it every time I walk into my new and very organized scrapbook and sewing room. It is nice to have a little retreat right here at home.
While Mom was here last week, we completely emptied this room and reorganized EVERYTHING! She even spent an entire day just folding fabric so it would all be the same size! THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all I can say. Dad helped me make a new table and it is great.

My new computer area with both of my printers (12x12 printer is under the table)

Bins with all of my office supplies, bills, etc.

Ribbon center

All of my sewing, monogramming, and embroidery things.

All of that fabric Mom folded!

Scrapbook area with my tools and Cricket machine

Another view of scrapbooking area.

Some of my scrapbooking supplies, photos, and albums

Rubber stamps and ink pads.

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