March 3, 2010

We still had Wacky Wednesday!

As you know, we have had our fair share of snow this year. Well, yesterday it snowed AGAIN! Even though it was only a little bit on snow, we woke up to the wonderful announcement that there would be NO school today. Normally you would hear squeals of glee at the fact that we could spend an entire day just playing, but that is not the response I got today from my daughter. It was apparently the end of the world. The Guilford County School District did not know that it was Wacky Wednesday at preschool! They did not know that it was Gracen's snack week in which we had planned all letter "W" snacks to go along with the letter of the week! They did not know that it was show and tell day and Gracen was planning on taking me (Wendy) because my name started with a "W!" How could they cancel school today? She was so upset! Upset until the phone rang and the sweet little voice of Austin was on the other end. Her whole attitude changed when he asked her to come over to play. What a blessing! Anyway, we still had WACKY Wednesday even though it was a snow day!

I love these pictures because my daughter is trying to strike a pose. In her on little way!

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Nathan, Laurie, Elizabeth & Emily said...

What cute little wacky kids! Glad they had their own version of Wacky Wednesday!!!