October 30, 2008

Finally...Pumpkin carving time!!!

After two nights of promising to carve pumpkins, we finally started at 8 o'clock tonight. Almost 2 hours later, we had 3 carved pumpkins and one happy little girl. Before we started, Gracen pondered over all the designs and decided she wanted a happy face pumpkin and a happy spider. You really can't tell from the pictures, but that darn spider has a smile. I worked hard to make him happy =) This year she loved the ooey gooey part and insisted we carve the itty bitty pumpkin. All Jamie could get carved on the little pumpkin was two eyes! It is darling...along with all the other pumpkins. This has to be my favorite Halloween tradition. Can't wait until next year!

Daddy, Mommy, and Gracen pumpkins!

Yes that is a smile!


Shalina said...

ADORABLE! Those are great.

amy said...

LOVE the little bandito pumpkin!

Kasey said...

great job! We are doing ours tonight so wish us luck!

*´¯`*~Drea~*´¯`* said...

They say you absorb the traits of those around you that love you most... Gracen has your cheeks and eyes Wendy, she's absorbed Jamie's smile!

It's easy to see she's a loved little angel! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of her!

~Andrea & Joe Brown~