October 27, 2008

It's Pumpkin Carving time!

It's pumpkin carving time again... The ooey gooey stringy mess and the smell of pumpkins. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well we loved it here at our house. From the very first time Gracen had a real pumpkin to carve, she loved all the seeds and slimy stuff that came out of these pumpkins. It is definitely something we look forward to every year.
October 2005
I cheated. We didn't do a real pumpkin. She loved chewing on this one too much.

October 2006

Our first real pumpkin carving experience.

October 2007

A Ghostie and a Witch!

We were suppose to carve pumpkins tonight, but ran out of time... I will post them tomorrow night for everyone to see. Can you guess what we are doing this year? Leave a comment with you guess and see if you are correct...

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Kasey said...

Spider and or cat