October 3, 2008

Momma, Momma, MOMMA!!!!

You know I have often wondered how many times a day Gracen says my name. I have always joked about it to my family, but I really never counted. I often feel by the end of a day I kinda wish my name were something else. =) Not because I don't LOVE hearing her say my name, but because often my name comes out of her mouth in a somewhat commanding tone asking for fruit chews, lemonade, to go outside, or because she can't find something she is looking for followed by a sweet LITTLE "thank you." Well, I counted! The total...194 times! Can you believe that? 194 times a day I have the attention of my precious daughter. I know that in just a few years things will be different and I will think about these days and wish that I could bring them back! I LOVE being a Mommy! "Thank you, Gracen!"

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Shalina said...

I can't believe you counted and that was ALL it was. I know I hear it at least that many times a day and mine are at school for most of the day. I get it the most when I pick up the phone or am trying to make dinner or some such time as that.