October 12, 2008

Happy Pumpkin Picking!

One of our very favorite things to do in October is going to the pumpkin patch! Gracen runs around the patch looking for just the right pumpkin and I chase her trying to get her to look at me for the perfect picture. From an outsiders point of view I am sure I look quite crazy. Over the weekend we were able to go pick out our pumpkins. Of course, we have three pumpkins (Daddy, Mommy, and Gracen.) She insisted. Anyway, I think I did it this year. We have some wonderful pictures...Here are some of the best!


Shalina said...

Those are great. I think that is what we are going to go do today!
Have a great day!

Kathryn said...

Those are so cute. The one with Gracen doing her silly face is perfect.