November 30, 2009

Excited about the elf!

Day 2- Each night before going to bed we leave Holly crackers and water for a snack. Well, Holly must have wanted something more, because she went looking for chocolate and she found the Hershey Kisses. When we found her, it looked like she had eaten about 20 Kisses and was upside down with what looked like a full belly. There were wrappers and half eaten Kisses everywhere. The funniest part was the Maalox bottle beside her, it must have been a bad belly ache.

Day 3- Holly had fun last night making gingerbread. She got out the flour and cookie cutters to make the pieces for the house. She left a bit of a mess and it looked like she had fun making snow angels in the flour. As you can see, Gracen had fun with the flour too!

Day 4- Holly had fun last night. We found her upside down in the tree this morning. She had lined up all the pillows from the sofa and it looked like she was using them as a trampoline. I think she bounced too hard and landed in the tree. Gracen thought it was funny and loved the Christmas Carol Barbie and movie that she left for her!

Day 5- Holly was busy last night. She made the cutest little singing houses. Each one of them play 2 different songs and Gracen loved them.

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