September 2, 2010

A little tooth drama....

If you know Gracen you know we have had our fair share of drama. Well hello drama, AGAIN! We can't just loose our first tooth and it be a positive happy experience. No, Gracen has another tooth pushing out her first baby tooth. To her this is the worst thing that could happen. She is so mad at this "big" tooth for pushing the baby one out, but most of all she doesn't want the tooth fairy to get her tooth or pay her for it. In fact, she says that she is going to hide it so the tooth fairy can't find it. I have never heard of a child not wanting money for their teeth. Go figure... I know she walks to the beat of a different drum, but it never makes sense to me. I guess in a way, I am glad that she doesn't do what other kids do. She is definitely one of a kind and I love her for that!

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Shalina said...

Gracen, Drama? No way! My favorite words out of her mouth are "Miss Shalina, I have to tell you sompin..." With hand gestures and all!
I ♥ that kid!
BTW - love the new blog look and the pictures on the side are AMAZING! Where ever did you get those done! ;)