October 9, 2008

Favorite "Foto" Friday!

As I look at Gracen everyday, I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing. Everyone told me it would go so fast and I never quite understood what that meant until now. So many times I just want to stop the clock and bottle a moment so I have it to enjoy later on. Well, the only way I have to "bottle" that moment has been in pictures. Each Friday I will share some of my "Favorite Fotos" in my Blog to help "re-live" those sweet Gracen moments. Since this is my "first" Favorite Foto Friday, I will share some of our first days with Gracen with you. Enjoy!


Shalina said...

Sweet as pie. That first is my absolute FAV picture I've seen of her as a baby.
P.S. Don't blink or you might open your eyes to an eight year old!

amy said...

That first pic will just never get old. I've swapped out some of Gracen's baby pics with newer ones, but I think I'll always have that one in a frame.
#4 is also a personal favorite. Attitude & personality!